Gino’s in Farmingdale was the first pizzeria we visited back in the spring of 2015. It has been a staple on Main Street for many years, but now that CVS has moved down the street, the plan in the works is that the building will be razed and replaced with yet another stores / apartments structure. What that means for Gino’s (and Minuteman Press, another longtime Farmingdale fixture, next door) we do not know.

In 2015, they got a 6.83 and in 2016, it was 6.5. This year:


SGK – 7.5 Lousy plastic-ware!
Ken – 7.0 Okay, but not as good as others
George –  6.5  Weak sauce
Bob – 7.0 Okay, but nothing great

Total:  28/40 = 7.0

Stephan was having a problem with what was probably one of the worst plastic forks ever made and they did not have any metal utensils to offer. Cheese and oregano, though not out on the counter, were offered when the pie was brought to the table.

So far in 2017:

Marino’s – 8.4
Mary’s – 8.2
Piazzetta’s – 8.0
Crostini’s – 7.6
Villa Monte- 7.6
Albert’s – 7.35
Uncle Tony’s – 7.271
Rosemarie’s – 7.25
Phil’s – 7.1
Juno’s – 7.0625
Gino’s – 7.0
Frankie’s East Side – 5.45

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