New Leader

This week we visited the newly-expanded Vincent’s and have a surprise at the top of the second-half list.

Report from September 20th:


Ed: 7.0 Had to leave a tip!
SGK: 8.9 Like the crust, cheese, sauce is okay, wasn’t burnt.
George: 9.0 I enjoyed it
Ken: 8.0 Good but not outstanding
Bob:  8.0 Better than most but not the top of the line
Total:   = 40.9/50 = 8.18
Today’s report:

Ed: 8.0 Like the sauce, liked the crust
SGK: 8.375 I liked it
George: 8.8 Crust, sauce and cheese all good.
Bob:  7.75 Good crust, nice pie
Total:   =  32.925 /40 = 8.23125
Second Half:
Vincent’s – 8.23125
Mary’s – 8.2083
Marino’s – 8.1875
Piazzetta’s – 8.18
Crostini’s – 7.875

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